It's me

I am Thibault

a creative developer from Toulouse


My skills

Intercultural exchanges are the key to go further. I regularly take a trip to Barcelona, a city based on this ideology. Barcelona is developing itself with the people, it have various nationality and this enrich the city because they bring their own culture and take the Catalan's habits.
So, it is with this mutual exchange between Catalans people and foreigner which allow to everyone to move forward while the city go on for so long in the same time.

It is the same thing with the IT domain, like an African maxim says : "If you want to fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together !"

Web design

This domain is passionating me. For the front-end side, I practice the development in HTML/CSS, Javascript, AJAX and JQuery. For the back-end side, I manage my databases with PHP and MySQL.

App Development

Practicing the oriented-object programming, my predilection language is Java but I also have skills with other languages. In particular in C, spécially for the networks development (servers, proxy,...), in Ada, in Python or in WinDev. In addition, I also do the mobile development.


The dialogue is important to move forward.

The distance is no more an obstacle for the communication and this happend thanks to the today technologies and actuals communication's protocols. Wheter it be the dialogue between Humans or between machines, now the communication is a primordial domain.

Design Pattern

MVC, Observer, Cloneable, Singleton,... These famous design patterns, which help developers, are indispensable for learning the IT. Like frameworks, bootstrap or Code Igniter for exemple, which use this design patterns and increase the productivity.

My Portfolio

There is a list of diferent projects I have done :

About me

You can find here a short descrption of my own person.

Who I am ?

Actually, I am doing an internship in a drone's comapany to complete a DUT in the IT department, which is the equivalence of an Bachelor degree. I was in an artistic High School so I appreciat drawings and various kinds of arts. (Lycée des Arènes, 31000 Toulouse)

What I do ?

Very curious with the science and the web development, I luckily discover some of news IT application's tools which will be those of tomorow. As a graduate of an economic and social high school diploma in addition to a short experience in the benevolat, I am someone very social and a warm person. In a technical way, I am actualy able to produce :

  • Mini-games
  • Databases
  • Simple RPC applications
  • Websites
  • Ergonomic intefaces
  • Mobile applications
  • Intern software modules
  • Web applications

Discover my team

This is my team. It's with this people I have done some projects and I take trips during summer.


Guillaume Frassati

Working at Booking

He drawn smart


Qualified artist and musician

C'est mon chat



Thanks and various informations

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12 impasse Germaine CHAUMEL
Toulouse, FRANCE 31100

+336 69 38 39 14

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